Credit Card Payment FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions when trying to use a credit card through our website to pay for your order:


Why won't my card process?  In the majority of cases charges cannot be fully authorized because there is a mismatch with the billing address. It is very important that you use the address that the credit card billing statement has on file.  That is what will be matched so if it is not correct the charge will not go through.  For example, if you are living in the US or Canada but the credit card you are using is from another country - you will need to use the billing address from that other country that goes with that card - you cannot use your current address unless that is where you are getting your billing statements.

****PLEASE NOTE - sometimes cards issued by other countries do not participate with the AVS (Address Verification System) in the US.  If you have tried to get your card to go through and are sure you have entered the correct address for billing and the bank that issued the card is not based in the U.S, you may need to contact them to see if they participate with AVS.  If they do not, you will not be able to use that credit card on our website.****

Any other declines are usually because of insufficient funds available on the card or an incorrect security code.

Please check all information entered carefully before proceeding to authorize your order.

Are the funds taken out of my account right away?   No.  Our website is set up to authorize the funds only at the time you place the order.  The processor verifies that the funds are available and puts a hold on them until we actually ship the product and tell the processor to go ahead and capture those funds.  

What happens to the funds if my card is declined for an AVS mismatch?  If the funds are approved but the transaction is declined because of an address mismatch our processor voids the transaction - usually within 24 hours.  However, your bank may still put a hold on the funds - it all depends on your bank's policies.  We will not be able to capture those funds because it was declined but you will need to check with your bank to see how long they hold the funds.  Therefore it is important that you have the correct billing address at the time you place your order to avoid any unneccesary holds on your card.

Why do you have to have the billing address?  This is a security feature put in place to help protect our customers from fraudulent charges. With the increase in identity theft we feel it is a worthwhile and needed requirement. While we appreciate that sometimes this can be cumbersome we would rather err on the side of caution.  We appreciate your understanding.

If my card doesn't process will my order still go through?  No.  We will not see an order unless it goes through the full process and a payment is authorized.  If the order is finalized and sent to us you will receive an order number and confirmation - if you have not received an order number then the order did not go through.