Below are some words and their meaning when used regarding your order:

Awaiting Payment: This means that the customer has placed the order online but it has not been retrieved by the office for processing yet.

Awaiting Fulfillment:This means that the office has downloaded the order from the website and it is currently being processed into our ordering system. This does NOT mean that your order has been shipped.

Verification Needed: Sometimes an order's status is changed to this to reflect that we are missing information or need clarification before we can finish processing the order.

Declined: The order cannot be processed with the method of payment that was used or at the discretion of the company.

Cancelled: The order has been voided per customer request.

Partially Shipped: Product that is in stock has been shipped but we were not able to ship your order complete.  There will be backordered items.

Shipped: Order has been shipped complete

Complete: This means that the order has been shipped and the method of payment has been charged.  No other shipments will be made for this order.

Backorder: This is signified by a b/o on packing slips and means that one or more items ordered we do not currently have in stock. Our policy is to ship all that is available and backorder those unavailable items. They will be shipped once they become available unless the customer calls to cancel them.