FAQs for Canadian Shipments

How do you ship product to Canada?
We ship orders to Canada via UPS.  On occasion depending on where the shipment is going and the total value of the shipment we will send via the post office to try and save you money but the website only calculates using UPS.  Any adjustments will be made manually on our side and will be reflected on your credit card statement when the money is captured. 

How long will it take to get my order?
All orders are processed and shipped in the order of the date they were received.  We try to have orders shipped out within 15-20 business days of receiving the order.  Please note that we are not open on the weekends so orders placed during that time are not processed until we reopen on the following Monday.  All orders are manually downloaded from the website and then manually processed for shipping.  During peak times it can take longer for orders to be shipped but we try to stay within that 15-20 day window as much as possible.

What happens if I have backordered items?
If there are items that are out of stock that are going to take longer than the 15-20 business days to become available it is our policy to ship what is available and backorder the rest. You will receive a packing slip with your order showing any backorders that may apply. If items have been backordered and the backordered items will be a small shipment (i.e. a few teeth) we will send them through the post office to reduce your shipping cost however we may not be able to track it.  If the backordered items are a larger size or have too high of a value to send through the post office, the standard UPS shipping method will be used and standard shipping charges will apply.   IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO HAVE US SHIP THE BACKORDERS WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE YOU MUST CONTACT OUR OFFICE AND LET US KNOW THAT YOU WANT TO CANCEL THE BACKORDER.

Please note:  Any orders that are refused at the time of delivery may be assessed a restocking fee (minimum of 15%) plus all shipping charges.

What are the estimated taxes and customs fees to Canada?
Kilgore International has negotiated with UPS to have the brokerage fees included in the shipping costs from us. However we do not charge or have any control over the Canadian taxes due when shipping to Canada. We only charge the shipping costs. Once the product gets to the border the taxes may be assessed by the Canadian Government at that time. On occasion the Canadian Government may also assess a bond fee of $10 per package. This happens infrequently but again is out of our control and packages are randomly selected for this fee. Because our product is educational in nature it is marked with a tariff code representing that fact, which should make the product duty free.  Please note that in some cases once the package arrives at the border UPS may call to ask who you would like to use as your broker... if you do not say UPS it could cause additional fees and delays in receiving your order. If you want your product to go through a different broker please let us know in the comment section of your order to avoid unneccesary delays.

How long will it take to get my order?
Standard shipping time to Canada for items that are in stock is 15-20 business days which includes time for us to process the order. 2-3 day delivery is expected once the package is actually shipped via UPS depending on where in the country the package is being shipped.

Can you expedite orders to Canada?
The standard shipping method via UPS is now the expedited method and is therefore the fastest for delivery purposes to Canada. However if you need the product by a certain date please put that information into the comments section and we will let you know if we can speed up the order processing.

Is my Credit Card charged when I place the order?
We initially just authorize your credit card through the website for your complete order with shipping.  However, we manually capture the funds once the items are actually shipped.  With our new website all payments are handled by a 3rd party processor that meets all PCI requirements for added security of your information.  We do not receive your credit card information in house only the authorization.  We then capture the funds for what is actually shipped. If there are backorders that will take longer than 30 days from your initial order date to ship, there will be a note on your packing slip and an online message will be sent letting you know that you will need to contact us with a credit card that we can manually process in-house to pay for the backordered items.  We need this credit card information within two weeks of the initial shipment to hold your place in line for the backordered items.  If we do not hear from you, after 2 weeks your backorder will be cancelled.  

Why is the amount charged on my credit card different from what is on my online receipt?
All of our order forms and receipts are in US dollars,not Canadian, so when the payment is processed on your credit card there will be a difference based on what the exchange rate was on that day.